Powerful and reliable devices for home use, semi-professional application and for professional full cockpit simulators and equipment testing applications

  • HS-203

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    Max user weight: 130kg
    Applications: Home racing and flights VR simulators
    Pitch/roll: ±10°, 20°/s
    Weight: 28kg

  • HS-210

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    Payload: 235kg
    Applications: Racing, rally and flights simulators.
    Yaw: ±10°, up to 36°/s (under load condition)
    Sway: ±100.75 mm, up to 361mm/s (under load condition)
    Weight: 108kg

  • PS-2RM-150

     4 880.00 *

    Payload: 150kg
    Applications: Racing and flights simulators, VR, healthcare equipment
    Pitch: ±13°, 32.5°/s, 250°/s2
    Roll: ±10°, 25°/s, 250°/s2
    Weight: 63kg

  • PS-3TM-350

     8 500.00 *

    Payload: 350kg
    Applications: Ultra lightweight open cabin units
    Heave: -128 +139 mm, 266mm/s, 0.5G
    Pitch: ±17.1°, 60°/s, 250°/s2
    Roll: ±20°, 50°/s, 250°/s2
    Weight: 260kg

  • PS-3TM-550

     12 000.00 *

    Payload: 550kg
    Applications: Lightweight closed cabin units
    Heave: -0.13, 0.17 m
    Pitch: -17.6°, 17.4°
    Roll: -20.1°, 19.0°
    Weight: 390kg

  • PS-3TM-LP550

     12 000.00 *

    Payload: 550kg
    Applications: Lightweight closed cabin units, low profile version
    Heave: -0.16, 0.16 m, 4 m/s²
    Pitch: -12.0°, 13.7°, 250°/s²
    Roll: -11.0°, 11.0°, 250°/s²
    Weight: 436kg

  • PS-3TM-1000

     19 000.00 *

    Payload: 1000kg
    Applications: Lightweight closed cabin units
    Heave:  -157.6 mm +170.4 mm
    Pitch: ±16.4°
    Roll: ±19°
    Weight: 595 kg

  • PS-6TM-150

     13 800.00 *

    Payload: 150kg
    Applications: Ultra lightweight open cabin units
    Heave:  -106.9 mm +117.1 mm
    Pitch: -25° +25.6°
    -100 +121 mm
    Sway: -99.5 mm +121 mm
    Weight: 305 kg

  • PS-6TM-550

     28 000.00 *

    Payload: 550kg
    Applications: Lightweight closed cabin units
    Heave: -0.13, 0.13 m, 0.4G
    Pitch: -16.0°, 16.0°, 35°/s, 250°/s2
    Roll: ±15°, 35°/s, 250°/s2
    Yaw: -15.0°, 15.0°, 35°/s, 250°/s2
    Surge: -0.15, 0.17 m, 200mm/s, 3 m/s2
    Sway: -0.14, 0.14 m, 200mm/s, 3 m/s2
    Weight: 460kg

  • PS-6TM-1500

     40 000.00 *

    Payload: 1500kg
    Applications: Almost all types of closed cabin units.
    Heave: -0.14m, 0.18 m
    Pitch: -19.7°, 18.2°
    Roll: -20.3°, 20.3°
    Yaw: -22.0°, 22.0°
    Surge: -0.21 m, 0.33 m
    Sway: -0.20 m, 0.20 m
    Weight: 1145 kg

  • PS-6TL-1500

     47 000.00 *

    Payload: 1500kg
    Applications: Almost all types of closed cabin units.
    Heave: ±0.43 m
    Pitch:-24.6° +25.6°
    Roll: ±25.3°
    Yaw: ±28.6°
    Surge: -0.57 m, 0.51m
    Sway: -0.49 m, 0.49 m
    Weight: 950 kg

  • PS-6TM-2500

     56 000.00 *

    Payload: 2500kg
    Applications: Almost all types of closed cabin units.
    Heave: -0.16, 0.21 m
    Pitch: -19.9°, 17.2°
    Roll: -20.5°, 20.5°
    Yaw: -27.2°, 27.7°
    Surge: -0.30 m, 0.31 m
    Sway: -0.28 m, 0.28 m
    Weight: 1270 kg


  • Truck Simulator TS-10

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    TS-10 is advanced truck driver training system that can be used to train professional truck and bus drivers. It is reliable, energy efficient and compact product that can be installed in a small room or even on a single unit 2-axle truck (FHWA class 5 vehicle). It meets the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 8 April 2011 on the device for driving simulation in special conditions.

  • PS-3ROT-150

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    PS-3ROT-150 is the comprehensive, very unique and ready-to-go simulation solution offering unlimited 360° rotation in 3 axes. Cutting edge technology provides outstanding performance and responsivness necessary in professional training or entertainment applications.

  • QS-S25

     19 000.00 *

    QS-S25 is designed for customers looking for the most realistic simulation. The unique combination of professional motion technology and modern, adjustable accessories allows users to train and experience real flight or racing simulation.

  • RCM-C420

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    RCM (Reconfigurable Cockpit Module) is a modular, flexible and cost effective training product dedicated for special applications. Its design is based on RVCT (Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer) developed and described by US Military. RCM offers flexibility, encouraging the user to adopt its training hardware according to its fast changing needs.


  • QS-L1

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    Linear actuator QS–L1 allows you to develop highly realistic applications with detailed motion textures, velocity, engine vibrations and vehicle dynamics. Using our Motion SDK you can integrate several actuators with your software to create realistic simulator that immediately responds to on-screen situations to deliver real-life experience in games or VR applications.


Full range of software for building amazing simulators, cutting edge cinemas and reliable environment for equipment testing

  • Platform Manager – ForceSeatPM


    ForceSeatPM is specialized application that can control all our motion platforms. It comes with built-in profiles for popular games. It can perform hardware diagnostic, if offers advance scripting engine for motion calculations and it can configure your system automatically. After installing ForceSeatPM, you just need to connect USB cable (or Ethernet) to your PC and you are ready to your motion platform.

  • Motion SDK – ForceSeatDI

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    ForceSeatDI (Direct Interface) is lower level interface than ForceSeatMI. It controls hardware directly and ForceSeatPM is not required at all. All error handling and status checking have to be performed by the application. This interface allows to control more than one motion platform from the same PC and allows to create complex but fully synchronized movements of multiple motion platforms. It supports Windows PC, Linux and Raspberry Pi 3.

  • Motion SDK – ForceSeatMI

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    ForceSeatMI (Motion Interface) is a programming interface that allows to add a motion platform support to basically any application or a game. The ForceSeatMI does not control hardware directly – it sends all data to ForceSeatPM. This approach delegates responsibility of transforming telemetry data to a real motion from the application to ForceSeatPM. It means that application developers do not have to worry about things like platform disconnections, transmission errors, thermal protection warnings or signal filtering.

  • Motion Theater

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    Do you want to feel the same thing that movie stars do during a car chase, a Rollercoaster ride or a flight of an armed heavy fighter aircraft? Now you can experience all of that without leaving the house.

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