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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ – you ask, we answer

Is there a demo where I can type a mathematical sinusoidal wave to simulate the sea movements?

You can use TableLogPos_CPP (C/C++) and TableLogPos_CS (C#) examples (included in ForceSeatMI SDK), they allow to specify sinusoidal functions.

Can I record the movements with the joystick and load on your software to reproduce it.

ForceSeatPM does not offer that functionality. It can be done in Motion Theater or in 3rd party application with use of ForceSeatMI SDK.

Can I move the top frame (table) manually with the joystick?

Yes, you can. After connecting the joystick to PC via USB, ForceSeatPM will create a profile for it. Just activate the profile, map axes and you can control the motion platform with your joystick. All DirectInput compatible joystick are supported, but make sure that joystick uses quality potentiometers as sensor positions.

When more than one motion platform is connected to the same LAN, the latency increases dramatically from 5ms to 1500ms. What causes this issue?

Double check if all motion platforms connected to the same LAN have different MAC. You can do it using mosyct.exe command line tool. It is recommend to verify motion platforms network configuration via USB connection.

Software Development Kit

Just one line of code and you have motion data generated ever frame in Unity 3D or Unreal Engine. It is really that simple.

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False movements in VR

Our unique technology called VR HeadWay makes sure that your head is always pointing in right direction whenever you motion platform moves or not. Of course it eliminates only false movements caused by motion platform and you still can look around in virtual world when you rotate your head in real world.

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Motion platforms in action

You can always come to our headquarter and see motion platforms in action. We have one or two demo units on stock. Schedule an appointment and come to visit us, you are always welcomed.

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Too many options

If you are not sure which motion platform is right for you, check our short motion platform selection guide. It covers typical scenarios and provides a few hints how to choose correct hardware for your dream similator.

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