It's a Long Way To The Top

AC/DCBut we plan to keep going...

We specialize in designing and manufacturing of motion platforms and full simulators. But this is not everything we do and this is not how everything has started. In this section we would like to present you information about the company and our history.

6DoF Size Comparison




The first half of this year is groundbreaking for us. We show two, uncommon machines in our offer. QS-S25 motion platform with 6 degrees of freedom designed for special tasks and PS-3ROT-150 a unique solution with unlimited rotation in 3 axis. We have also started working on full modular and reconfigurable linear motion system - the premiere coming soon!


New motion platform joins our product portfolio, HS-210 (Next Level Racing Traction Plus) is a new benchmark in motion simulation technology for both professional and home use. At the same time, new devices from MIL series are launched - RCM-C420 (Reconfigurable Cockpit Module) and MIL-203-S1/S2. As a producer and supplier of motion technology, we participate in the world's largest modeling, simulation and training events. The MIL product series is appreciated by our customers. With this success we are able to establish cooperation with an international partner, Bohemia Interactive Simulation.


We start this year by introducing advanced truck and bus driving simulator in our portfolio. It meets the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 8 April 2011 on the device for driving simulation in special conditions. 3x simulators are already driving around Poland and are being used to train professional drivers almost every day - we are really proud of this achievement.


VR motion compensation is introduced. Since this year our motion platforms are truly VR ready. New people join company with new ideas and their expertise. We also start working on professional driver training system - TS-10.


We design a new compact motion platform called HS-201 (or Next Level Racing Motion V1). Our customers now can build dream simulators in their homes without a need for huge budgets. We are very impressed in how many different applications HS-201 is used and how creative our customers can be. HS-201 and its successors (HS-202 and HS-203) become really popular. Until today (2018) more than 1700 has been sold around the world. We also make our software better by introducing new features and adjusting it to customers demands.


We constantly update and extend range of our products. We introduce new 2DoF, 3DoF and 6DoF motion platforms that offers better performance, neat look and polished details. We develop also our distinctive design style.


Due to the dynamic development and direct demand of the market for motion platforms, simulators and and other motion services we decided to start a new company - Motion Systems.


The company continues to offer new products and enter new markets. We keep working on our software, add new features, more games, more advanced functions. We plan to introduce dedicated tools for equipment testing applications and develop other dedicated training devices like TS-10 in near future.

Technical Experience

With an extensive technical support from our partners, we can handle even the toughest jobs. We use the most modern CNC machines to ensure the highest precision of manufacturing.

Made in Poland

We design, develop, build, assembly and test all our devices in Poland, Europe. We are manufacturer, not importer.

Customized Products

Due to the fact that we design all our products in-house, we can easily adapt existing constructions to customers needs or even create new custom made product if it is required.

Reliability Is The Key

Because reliability and durability are really important in simulation applications, we do extensive, extraordinary, sometime even crazy testing.