Truck Simulator TS-10

 375 000.00 *

TS-10 is advanced truck driver training system that can be used to train professional truck and bus drivers. It is reliable, energy efficient, compact and product that can be installed in a small room or even on a trailer. It meets the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 8 April 2011 on the device for driving simulation in special conditions.

    * Price does not include tax (VAT), customs duty, transportation costs, installation costs, mother truck (e.g. Mercedes-Benz Actros) and mother truck's dedicated bodywork. The information contained in this web page does not constitute an offer in the meaning of the Civil Code of 23rd April 1964.

    You Don’t Need To Bring Customers To You,

    You Can Just Go To Them.

    Mobile, compact, fully equipped 6dof simulator built on Mercedes-Benz Actros can go everywhere. No more heavy long trailer, just simple single compartment truck. This is the future of truck driver training and the future is already here.

    Truck Simulator TS-10
    Fact No. 1

    Solid Design For Business

    The simulator has been designed as a solid tool, not fancy toy. You go to customer, start it, use whole day, stop it, go to another customer. We used only tested and reliable components. Nothing crazy or risky, just pure old fashion reliability with well defined maintenance schedule.

    Business series NEC projectors, tested and loved PS-6TM-1500, reliable Mercedes Atego cabin, Dometic’s caravan air conditioning just for cabin, Dell professional monitors, high-end gamers computers but without any overclocking, PowerWalker on-line UPS and single 37U rack.

    Fact No. 2

    With Delightful Looks

    Even the smallest details matter. This is the reason why we have decided to design and install plexiglass displays covered with carbon vinyl. Operator desk is also our own custom design optimized for this simulator, not some 3rd party desk. We also make sure that things like operator steering wheel and pedals are not just attached, but instead beautifully merged into the desk structure.

    Truck Simulator TS-10
    Truck Simulator TS-10
    Fact No. 3

    Based On Reliable Components

    We use PS-6TM-1500 as a motion platform in this simulator. It offers 0.4G accelerations, small and compact size, low power consumption and low noise level. This model has been used with success in many demanding applications in the past and it is seems to be the best choice for this simulator. You will not be able to unleash its full performance in mobile version of the simulator, but in standalone version – it might catch you unguarded.

    Fact No. 4

    Assembled With Original Equipment

    The cabin uses as many original Atego components as possible. All buttons (almost) and all levers are original. They will not break, they will work for years. Seats, seat belts, ventilation, steering wheel are also OE. All components are connected to our network so everything works. Custom air conditioning system is fully integrated with original ventilation control and brake pedal is pneumatic like in real truck.

    Truck Simulator TS-10

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