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Thank you for your interest in the Motion Systems Beta Testing Program!

The Motion Systems Feedback Community is place for customers to work closely with the Motion Systems team to collaborate and give feedback to help improve future releases of our software ForceSeatPM. By accepting the invitation to join the Feedback Community, you become a member of a select group of customers. The Motion Systems team will rely on your feedback and participation.

You benefit from being Motion Systems Beta Tester Software Program by being able to:

  • Try out the latest ForceSeatPM features being developed
  • Talk directly to the Motion Systems experts team and other users
  • Help make ForceSeatPM even better
  • Access to the latest supported games titles before official software update
  • Live support on Discord Channel with special channel for beta testers!
  • Bring your ideas to life and help shape the future of our products!

Please fill the contact form to apply to the Motion Systems Beta Testing Program.
Once accepted you will receive an email with forward steps.

Please contact if you have any questions!