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Racing Games, Professional Simulation Software – We Support Them All

and the list of support games is still growing

Racing Games

Flight Simulators

Simulation training applications


The game I want to play in not on the list

DirectInput plug-in allows to add motion to any game that uses steering wheel or joystick. The motion might not be as sophisticated as when there is dedicated plug-in but for sure it will be playable. Additionally joystick ForceFeedback effects can be captured and used to control motion platform (this is still experimental feature).

How can I add motion to my simulation?

Using our SDK you can easily add support for motion to any application made in Unity 3D or Unreal Engine. You can also use our SDK in any native C/C++ and .NET applications.

What about Linux games?

At this moment the platform manager and ForceSeatMI work only under Microsoft Windows. However, we can also provide you a low-level SDK called ForceSeatDI that supports Windows PC, Linux x64 and Raspberry Pi3. An exception to this is X-Plane, where we provide a plugin for Linux that sends data to ForceSeatPM running on a Windows PC.

What about Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox X games?

Not supported at this moment, except for Gran Turismo 7, which is supported under AS-IS conditions as part of the experiment.

Other Options

We could support more games and application, unfortunately many titles do not offer telemetry API and we cannot get necessary data to driver the motion platform. If there is a game (new or older) that offers telemetry API (must have requirement) and we do not support it, let us know and we will be glad to implement necessary plug-in.

* Be aware that list of supported games is subject to change without prior notice.

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