Full cabin driving simulator based on 6DoF motion platform for training and educational purposes implemented at Korea University of Technology and Education.

6DOF full cabin driving simulator

Dogfight Boss

Flight cockpits F/A-C18 fighter based on 6DoF motion platform powered by DogFight Boss from Czech Republic.

6DOF flight motion simulator

Apache Tactical Trainer

Apache Tactical Trainer Capability Demonstrator, Avalon AirShow 2023 in Australia

Apache Tactical Trainer Capability Demonstrator


Simumak has succeeded in integrating the QS-220-PL set with the new driving simulator dedicated to driving schools.



Sim Racing Center Merchtem is the most advanced simulation spot in Belgium. The center is powered by SimBlegium.

Sim Racing Center Merchtem in Belgium

Dogfight Boss

Flight cockpits F/A-C18 fighter based on PS-3TM-550 motion platform powered by Dogfight Boss from Czech Republic.

Flight Cockpit Simulators

Planetarium Slaskie

Space Flight Simulators for educational & entertainment purposes in Silesian Planetarium, Chorzów, Poland.

Space Flight Simulators

Becker Warkop

VR Underground Monorail Simulator was developed as a presentation set of the mining monorail series Minetrans® by Becker- Warkop sp.z o.o. with the use of virtual reality.

VR Monorail Simulator


High-fidelity teleoperation system that enables drivers to operate heavy-duty vehicles remotely.

High-fidelity Teleoperation System

Apex One

Apex One is the largest sim racing center in Poland, which provides residents, tourists, and racing enthusiasts with a new way to spend time in the heart of Wrocław.

Apex One – The largest Sim Racing Center in Poland


Mixed reality simulation for the most realistic driver training, located in Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

Mixed Reality Simulation


M60 Tank Simulator, based on 3DOF RCM-C420 motion cockpit, located in Turkey.

M60 Tank Simulator

Truck Simulators for Professional Drivers

Training System for Truck and Bus Drivers includes all necessary elements to learn how to drive, from the beginning level to the advanced driving training in fast-changing conditions in the most immersive environment.

TS-10 truck driving simulator

Local Science Center Metal Inspirations

Flight and driving simulators based on PS-3ROT-150 V2 and QS-S25 motion systems located in Local Science Center "Metal Inspirations" in Wałcz, Poland.

Flight and Driving Simulators


Reconfigurable Cockpit Module, the new solution that reduces negative impact of VR sickness in the battle lab applications.

Ground Vehicle Simulation


VR-JET® SIMULATIONS. VR Flight Simulator based on 3DoF motion platform for flight training and entertainment pruposes, located in Melle, Germany.

VR-JET Flight Simulator

VR Crane Simulator

The VR Crane Simulator provided by Flint Systems, located in New Competence Center, Poland.

VR Crane Simulator