Virtual reality paired with the motion platform could be an extremely valuable experience in terms of training and preparing services for what might happen on the road. Because of that, Highways England is always in need of training solutions that best prepare officers for what they might encounter in daily work.
During the Emergency Services Show in Birmingham, both traffic officers and visitors had the opportunity to test a VR driver’s training vehicle simulator provided by MXT Reality with Varjo XR-3 Headset.  In this simulator as a motion base, MXT used QS-CH1 motion cockpit on to which have bolted the seat of Land Rover Discovery since this as one of the vehicles that Traffic Officers use.

Immersive learnings are 4 times faster. In the past, Highways England used conventional driving simulation, classroom education, and time on actual, albeit private, roadways. Under the guidance of Traffic Officer Trainers, they typically practiced basic maneuvers and processes in slightly different road conditions. Using the mixed reality simulator, MXT provides the opportunity to immerse trainees in an unlimited number of super-realistic scenarios. This training system includes all necessary elements to learn how to drive and react in fast-changing conditions in the most immersive environment. Additionally, instead of individual training simulations for individual scenarios, MXT used the VarjoR-3Mix Mixed headset, which offers an unparalleled reality with pre-configured settings for the implementation of tasks, and this is way learnings are 4 times faster than traditional lessons.

The key attributes of the simulator platform are:

Mixed Reality Varjo XR-3 Headset
This enables the user to see their passenger, their vehicle, and themselves in the real world. When the user looks at the (CGI) rearview mirrors of the vehicle, they see a totally accurate reflection.

Read Editor
MXT have created a road editor system. Using the system, the user can choose a section of road, from anywhere in the world. They can very quickly render it into the MR simulation.

Motion Platform
QS-CH1 is an innovative training product designed for advanced simulation of various modes of transport. Its compact design based on the technology of linear actuators makes the driver move to the virtual world with the mapping of stimuli from the real world.

Traffic System
The user can choose the traffic flow any time of day and any day (or night) of the year for their road section. We draw from open-source traffic data and in real time drop it into the simulation.

Environment Tool
MXT created a comprehensive list of environmental assets in order to quickly sculpt an urban, semi urban, or rural environment.

This driving simulator is a super realistic training tool that can be put together in a way that best suits the demands of everyday use. The user can select different road layouts, environments, times of day, traffic and roadside resources that are realistic for the selected location. The user has a sense of presence between the real and simulated worlds. Changes can also be made on the fly, from roadside signs to road cones, which can be assessed using the data collection built into the Varjo headset.

The contribution of those involved in training goes hand in hand with technology. MXT worked very closely with Traffic Officer trainers to understand what works best for training to ensure the simulator’s realism. Details are critical to the success of such a system and can only be understood by the people who do the work on a daily basis.


The QS-CH1 is a brand new, modular, and flexibly configurable training product dedicated for advanced land vehicles and city car driving simulation. QS-CH1 is a part of the Qubic System product’s series. By using a number of expansion accessories, including manipulators and dedicated peripherals, it is possible to quickly build a simulator for future drivers or vehicle operators. The motion system consists of 3 DOF platform with electric actuators that provide cues for vehicle acceleration, road curvature and obstacles such as sidewalks and potholes.




Date of application: 2021
Localization:  Birmingham, UK
Industry: Training, Education, Driving Simulation