Full cabin driving simulator based on 6dof motion platform


In a joint venture with Daewon Industries Korea as prime contractor and AIMS co. Japan, Forum 8 Japan, the Motion Systems company implemented project related with car driving simulation for training and educational purposes.

The full cabin driving simulator was implemented for the training and educational needs of KOREA UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY & EDUCATION. Thanks to the very good cooperation and vast experience of the engineers involved in the project, the implementation of the simulator in the main building of the university went smoothly

The 6DoF Motion Simulator, as well as the software and projection set, allow to recreate almost real conditions and situations that drivers may encounter while driving on crowded streets of large cities.

The software provided by Forum 8 allows the creation of entire cities and their arteries, study the urban planning tool, create diversified landscapes and design advanced urban traffic management technology. The entire simulation is presented on an advanced projection system provided by AIMS co. from Japan.


The Motion Systems team was responsible in this project for the delivery and integration of the cockpit and motion platform.

The motion simulator is equipped with:

  • direct drive steering wheel attached directly to the car’s original steering column and the use of the factory steering wheel of the Renaul Twizy model which further maximizes immersion during the simulation.
  • dashboard that replaced the factory ODOMETER, the use of DNR buttons from the car’s factory automatic transmission, the installation of a safety seat along with 4-point safety belts attached to a dedicated X-Bar welded in place of the rear passenger seat
  • 10-inch LCD displays in place of side mirrors
  • throttle and brake pedals in place of the factory pedals
  • PS-6TM-1500 motion platform along with an additional safety switch that can be converted to a limit sensor.


PS-6TM-1500 motion system is chosen by customers, thanks to its ease of installation, super silent operation, good resistance to momentary overloads and reduced deployment time. All our motion platforms are supported by our Platform Manager software and they are easy to implemented in the most advanced projects.




Date of application: 2023
Localization: Republic of Korea
Industry: Education