VR Underground Monorail Simulator was developed as a presentation set of the mining monorail series Minetrans® by Becker- Warkop sp.z o.o. with the use of virtual reality.

Becker Warkop
Becker Warkop

This project was implemented for the needs of both the operators training process and sales and marketing activities at Becker-Warkop sp.z o.o. Additionally, the simulator serve as a promotion tool for the devices from Minetrans® series, in particular the simulated and visualized set of Suspended Tractor with electro-hydraulic toothed drive.

Becker Warkop

The entire mobile stand, which includes: the operator’s seat mounted on a bespoke 3DOF motion platform, manipulators, a set of VR goggles, dedicated software and accessories, was presented for the first time at the XXXIV Convencion Internacional de Mineria Acapulco 2021 in Mexico.

The software was developed with the use of the modern Unreal Engine. The simulator uses 3 very different scenarios for various type of users needs. First is a map of mine. The users are driving and navigating a virtual queue, observe how the work in the mine is organized, and learn how Becker’s professional mining machines works. The second scenario is the task of delivering materials by rail to build an underground tunnel in a mine. The third scenario (fantastic, entertaining) is a free ride through the Jurassic Park as a curiosity the user admires the beautiful views or tries to drive underwater etc.

Becker Warkop

The most important features of the simulator include:

  • Compatible with VR headset
  • Good immersion thanks to platform feedback (3DOF)
  • Mobile and easy to transport
  • Compact design
  • Plug and Play solution
  • Friendly interface
  • Multilingual menu for users from different parts of the world
  • Software: short and dynamic train rides that engage users
  • Ability to perform specific tasks on maps – cargo delivery, passenger transport in the mine, return to the destination station, etc.
  • Possibility to present and promote your own devices or machines in the simulator/game
  • Can be applied to simulate many types of machinery
Becker Warkop


Bespoke 3DOF motion solution developed specifically for Becker- Warkop project.




Date of application: 2021
Localization: XXXIV Convencion Internacional de Mineria Acapulco 2021