Customer profile: Applied Virtual Simulation is Australia’s leading defence simulation technology provider. The company focuses on the development of incredibly vivid simulation-based training systems for a wide range of applications, including army school needs. AVS are experts in the design, delivery, integration and maintenance of innovative simulation-based training systems for individual and collective training. Their aim is to deliver safe, efficient and high-fidelity immersive experiences.

Apache AH-64 D/E sim powered by Applied Virtual Simulation is another training device from the AVS team that, like their previous project Protected Mobility Tactical Trainer (PMTT), has one main goal: to offer a more affordable tactical-training solution that will allow trainees to network multiple AH-64 simulators and enable tactical scenario-based training. Apache Tactical Trainer Capability Demonstrator was designed to fit in between the training requirements of a full-fidelity pilot trainer sim and a low-fidelity generic helicopter sim.

Apache Tactical Trainer

The AVS team worked closely with Dutch company MultiSim during this project to achieve the goal of creating a full mixed reality (MR) Apache simulator using the Varjo XR-3 as the HMD. The medium-fidelity cockpit from AVS lends itself well to MR, with all the switches, screens and MPD fully working in Multisim’s D-Sim AH-64 simulation model.

Apache Tactical Trainer

The training solution is compact size, mobile and very easy to use. The device is perfect for small and medium training rooms and transport to different locations.

To perfectly replicate the training scenarios in an Apache flight simulator, the entire cockpit and MultiSim software was integrated with Qubic System’s 3DOF QS-220-PL motion platform. A set of actuators with very high speed, super low latency time and high vibration frequency allowed for increased immersion, which directly translated into training fidelity.

A prototype of the AH-64 motion simulator was presented for the first time at the 2023 Avalon AirShow in Australia. A wide range of users, pilots, pilot training instructors had the opportunity to try out the cockpit and receive their first training on it.

Applied Virtual Simulation


The QS-220-PL is a modular and configurable motion system dedicated for special training applications. World’s fastest linear actuators with 800 mm/s velocity and maximum reduced of latency 8ms, gives possibility to build ready-to-go simulators for ground, sea and aircraft systems operators.




Date of application: 2023
Localization: Avalon AirShow, Australia