Driving simulator powered by Simumak

Simumak has been developing simulators for training for more than 15 years and studying the learning process of driving different vehicles and handling multiple machines. The company has identified the risks and circumstances that both novice and professional drivers and operators typically face.

Simumak has been able to develop an environment as immersive as possible to simulate situations as close to reality and generate learning through awareness, prevention and safety.

Simumak is a team of specialists in driving training simulation. The main goal for the company is to promote safe learning and skill development, efficient and responsible training in a controlled environment, and achieving maximum performance of time and space.

One of their flagship motion simulators is the New Simescar Lite 2.0 dedicated to driving schools.


Simescar Lite 2.0 driving simulator

Simumak’s goal: provide driving schools with a powerful tool that would optimize the training process for students and also provide a new source of income.

Simumak also took into account the financial aspect and the final cost of the product to the customer when designing the driving simulator. Simumak tried to make the product as affordable as possible, especially for small and medium-sized driving schools. Therefore, Simumak has endeavored to design a tool that, in addition to mean a new source of recurring income, had a zero maintenance cost and a very low acquisition cost.

In order to always be on the cutting edge of simulation technology, Simumak found it necessary to introduce a number of new features and functionalities to enhance the value of the product:

  • The cockpit of the Simescar Lite 2.0 is a modular, very lightweight and easy to transport and dismantle, which can be accessed through any door, thus adapting to all types of driving schools, regardless of their size.
  • As a novelty, the cockpit has been equipped with wheels, so the equipment can be moved or rearranged from one place to another easily, quickly and safely.
  • High-end accessories such as a steering wheel and pedals.
  • 3DOF motion platform based on linear actuators.

Driving schools that want to complement their offer by adding simulator training are looking for a solution that maximizes the level of realism and immersion and allows future drivers to fully feel what happens when driving a real car in real traffic. Trainees taking the training with the use of the simulator have the opportunity to practice in very safe conditions in most of the critical situations that may occur on the road. The Simescar Lite 2.0 simulator has been equipped with a 3DOF motion platform based on linear actuators to meet the above requirements.

3DOF motion platform based on linear actuators

Simumak has succeeded in integrating the QS-220-PL set with the new SIMESCAR LITE 2.0 which gives the simulator an incredible feeling of motion. Electric actuators generate precise vibrations in real time and reproduce the finest details while driving – such as curves and obstacles on the racetrack. The 3DOF motion set also has a low latency time compared to the available hardware on the market. It means the feedback from the simulator to the driver is faster than eye blinking.

With this motion platform, novice drivers will be able to feel the real dynamics on board the car, which will bring the feeling of driving a real vehicle as close as possible, making the simulator an even more productive tool. This kind of driving training includes all necessary elements to learn how to drive, from the beginning level to the advanced driving training in fast-changing conditions in the most immersive environment.

The hardware-level solution is well thought out, designed and adapted to the daily reality of driving schools, both in cost and in performance. At the software level, it uses all the power of the Simescar software engine, which has been widely tested and extended, and with which more than 5.000 simulators are already running in driving schools in more than 20 countries.



Patent pending linear actuators technology, modular and compact design, as well as the extremely quiet operation makes the QS-220-PL as a perfect motion base for professional application in various types of cockpits. The QS-220-PL motion set consisting of two actuators, power cabinet and motion controller (QS-MC6). Additional sets of QS-220-PL can be configured as a 4 and 6 actuated system to provide 3 / 4 / 6DOF motion platform.




Date of application: 2023
Localization: Spain