We are producing various version of motion platforms. You can order fully assembled 2dof, 3dof, 4dof or 6dof solution or just single component.

Did you not find anything that meets your needs? Do you need custom solution? Please contact us to discuss details.


The safety of our users is really important to us. Each of our motion platforms has at least two emergency switches that immediately cut the power off or engage emergency brakes on actuators. Additionally there are software solutions that allow to pause (stop at current position) or park (go to lowest position) quickly.

Adaptive acceleration mode selection

Most frequency inverters and other drivers allow to set accelerations and deceleration times during configuration. However during e.g. flight simulation the desired acc/dec time is not constant. To assure smooth motion, longer acceleration and deceleration times are required, but for very rapid movements (e.g. turbulence or hard landing), the platform acceleration from 0 to max speed has to be as quick as possible. This is why our controllers dynamically adjust FI parameters at runtime when changes in motion stream characteristic is detected

VR HeadWay

When VR headset is used together with motion platform, user can experience false headset view orientation changes caused by whole cockpit movements. Our software uses advanced mathematics formulas to calculate necessary compensation that is applied to VR headset at runtime. The VRmotion Compensation module is transparent for end users and it is compatible with all motion platforms from PS line and also with selected models from HS lines. Click here for details.

Easy installation

In order to use our motion platforms, 5 simple steps are required: (1) install ForceSeatPM, (2) connect the motion platform to a power outlet,  (3) connect the motion platform to a PC via USB or Ethernet port, (4) choose game profile and (5) start a game.