Motion Systems was founded as a company offering services in the field of designing and implementing professional systems used in motion simulators. Our products are used in the entertainment industry as well as in professional simulators designed specifically for driving schools.


History of the company dates back to 1997, when it was founded as ORING S.C. In the first period of activity it was focused on the sale and distribution of hydraulic seals. The range of services offered by ORING was then extend to design and manufacturing of hydraulic systems and hydraulic cylinders.

In 2009 in the ORING company was set up as separate department dealing exclusively with the production of motion simulation systems and entertainment devices.


In 2012, due to the dynamic development and direct demand for its products and services ORING has opened a separate company specializing in the production of components strictly for simulators - the new company's name was Motion Systems.

Production Capacity

With an extensive technical support, we can handle even the toughest jobs. Our company has access to the most modern CNC machines such as DMG lathe and milling. We also have traditional human operated units for non standard works.




The company is located in "Wrocławski Park Technologiczny" in Wrocław, Duńska 13, 54-427 Wrocław.