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  • PS-6TL-1500

     47 000.00 *

    Payload: 1500kg
    Applications: Almost all types of closed cabin units.
    Heave: -0.41 m, 0.37 m
    Pitch:-24.0°, 24.0°
    Roll: ±26.0°
    Yaw: ±34.5°
    Surge: -0.63 m, 0.53 m
    Sway: -0.53 m, 0.53 m
    Weight: 950 kg

  • MIL-301-S1/S2

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    MIL-301-S1/S2 is composed of two products – under seat mover MIL-301 and dedicated seat S1 – higher version or S2 – lower version. This light, small, mobile and impressively powerful set has taken VR training to the higher level.

  • PS-2ROT3-150

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    PS-2ROT3-150 is an original device dedicated for educational and entertainment purposes. Unlimited motion in two axes (2DOF) and additional 3DOF seat inside a cockpit allows to contribute the most advanced simulations such as space rocket launch or space travel.

  • PS-3ROT-150

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    PS-3ROT-150 is the comprehensive, very unique and ready-to-go simulation solution offering unlimited 360° rotation in 3 axes.

  • PS-6TM-2500

     56 000.00 *

    Payload: 2500kg
    Applications: Almost all types of closed cabin units.
    Heave: -0.16, 0.21 m
    Pitch: -19.9°, 17.2°
    Roll: -20.5°, 20.5°
    Yaw: -27.2°, 27.7°
    Surge: -0.30 m, 0.31 m
    Sway: -0.28 m, 0.28 m
    Weight: 1270 kg

  • QS-L1-HD

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    Linear actuator QS–L1-HD coming soon…

  • QS-S25

     19 000.00 *

    QS-S25 is designed for customers looking for the most realistic simulation. The unique combination of professional motion technology and modern, adjustable accessories allows users to train and experience real flight or racing simulation.

  • RCM-C420

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    RCM (Reconfigurable Cockpit Module) is a modular, flexible and cost effective training product dedicated for special applications. Its design is based on RVCT (Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer).