Simulators and trainers are important elements in the training process also for basic tank crews and personnel operating other types of military equipment. In Poland, a wide range of such solutions, including procedural simulators, diagnostic applications and tools for creating training applications, is offered by Poland’s largest Research and Development Centre for Mechanical Equipment “OBRUM” in Gliwice. The centre is among the largest and unique scientific and R&D facilities in the country. OBRUM creates products intended for the Polish Armed Forces. The main recipients of the work are land forces, including mechanised, armoured, radiolocation and engineering troops. Work on new products takes place in a full cycle, i.e. from concept and design to serial production, which requires highly qualified engineering and technical staff.

Leopard Tank Driving Simulators

Leopard Training Centre in Świętoszów

The Leopard Training Centre uses modern SJCL (Leopard Tank Driving Simulator) simulators for training Leopard 2 tank drivers, supplied by OBRUM. It is worth emphasising that the role of a tank driver is a very responsible one. Thanks to the use of simulators, it is possible to conduct their training in various terrain and weather conditions, using a wide library of scenarios, without exposing the equipment (tanks) to damage and wear. Also, the quality and effectiveness of training itself is increased through the use of modern training tools, such as the aforementioned SJCL simulators.

The simulators also make it possible to eliminate mistakes on the basis of so-called After Action Reviews, in which the entire training process is recorded, from the setting of the task through to its completion. On the basis of these, it is possible to see what mistakes a trainee driver makes, analyse the learning process and eliminate errors at a later stage of training.

The instructor has a full real-time view of what is happening in the tank, including parameters such as engine speed, its temperature and other data. The use of OBRUM’s simulators in the process of training Leopard 2 tank drivers brings many benefits, in addition to the aforementioned streamlining of the teaching process, also measurable economic effects in the form of fuel savings, reduction of equipment wear and tear, including the risk of faults or damage caused by the trained drivers.

Leopard Tank Driving Simulators

Hardware and Software

The Leopard Training Centre is equipped with 3 full motion simulators, so that training is conducted simultaneously for several drivers. The motion platforms are controlled through the ForceSeatPM software supplied by Motion Systems. The software is fully compatible with the VBS plugin provided by Bohemia Intractive Simulations.
The VBS environment allows drivers to train in a variety of environments, including winter scenerios and woodland terrains for off-road driving practice. The Leopard 2 driver’s cabin and the projection unit are mounted on a motion system with six degrees of freedom PS-6TL-1500 motion platform that generates the acceleration forces needed for realistic driver training.

An instructor-operator station enables the user to easily create, observe and control exercises. It provides the capability to conduct detailed after action reviews, based on recorded exercises, and configuration for connecting to other simulators. Reports can also be automatically generated based on triggered events and driving errors.
VBS generates the virtual scenario, which is projected on cylindrical display system with high-resolution LED projectors. Drivers can be trained to operate during day and night, as well as under different weather conditions. The system also provides the option of training with vision blocks for closed-hatch driving.


The PS-6TL-1500 product based on a Stewart platform, which provides the highest level of motion sensation and matches unique requirements of customers. The 6DoF motion platform is mainly intended for professional applications in defense sector, flight and driving simulation and entertainment industry.




Date of application: 2019
Localization: Świętoszów, Poland