Earthquake Simulator

The PS-6TL-2000 6DoF motion platform, which provides highest level of motion sensation and matches unique requirements of our customers.


Matlab and Simulink support

All our products are ready to work with MATLAB and Simulink applications.



Over 10 years of practice as a producer and supplier for high performance motion platforms for industry and entertainment.


Advanced Truck Simulator

TS-10 is a truck driver training system that can be used to train professional truck and bus drivers. It meets the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure on the device for driving simulation in special conditions.


Motion Platforms in Movies

Combination of PS-6TM-2500 and our Motion Theater software is being successfully used to create breathtaking action scenes in movies.

6 Things We Would Like You To Know

Safety. Reliability. Durability.

Safety always comes first for us. Reliability and durability are next. Our products are safe by design, reliable due to unique software and durable due to selected components.

Simple but not stupid

We design all our products, both hardware and software related, using latest trends in UX trends to make sure that they are easy and intuitive in use without sacrificing any functionality.

Flexibility and Agile

Our R&D is agile team, our design process is focused on customers needs. It allows us to create prototypes on really short notice and to bring products to customers in weeks instead of months.

Saves customers time

Our SDK library needs just one line of code to be added to your physics update method to get all vehicle telemetry data from Unity and Unreal Engine and send it the motion platform. You don’t have to worry about driving motion platform, we do it for you.

Ready for VR

When motion platforms moves, your head moves causing unwanted movements in virtual world. VR HeadWay is a technology that eliminates this issue by applying automatic motion compensation on headset driver level. It works with all VR games and custom software as well.

Ready to work of the box

Just install the software, connect motion platform and you are ready to go. Our software supports more than 60 games including various racing and flight simulator software. It is pure plug and play, just a few clicks and everything is configured.

It Cannot Be Easier Than This

Motion Platform PS-6TM-550

Install platform manager

Install our software and start it. It will detect and configure all supported games and simulation application installed on your computer.

Turn on your motion platform

Connect your motion platform to power socket and to PC, then start it and wait until it performs initial reference run.

Start your favorite game

Find and click the game icon in platform manager main window. The program will active associated profile and launch the game.

Next Step Is Up To You

Not sure what you need?

It does not matter what you want to build, we are here to support you. We have prepared a comprehensive tutorial that should help you to determinate the best product for your dream application.

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See our products

If you already know what you need, the catalog of products is the best place to go next. It contains motion platforms, full simulator, hardware components and software as well.

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Seek for knowledge?

We recommend you to browse are knowledge base. It contains technical documentation, tutorials and articles that covers both our hardware and our software.

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