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RCM (Reconfigurable Cockpit Module) is a modular, flexible and cost effective training product dedicated for special applications. Its design is based on RVCT (Reconfigurable Virtual Collective Trainer) developed and described by US Military. RCM offers flexibility, encouraging the user to adopt its training hardware according to its fast changing needs.

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RCM module used in Academy of Land Forces in Wroclaw, has opened new possibility for customer using battle lab application for officers training. Its modularity, native VBS3 support and dynamic motion systems allow instructor to change RCM equipment training set and use it for both trucked and wheeled vehicle simulation.

Combination of 4 RCM units offers possibility of training for variety of land trucked and wheeled vehicles. In combination with computers in battle lab, system is used in scenarios dedicated for both specialist and tactical training.


  • VR and screen virtual training application
  • Cross domain tactical and specialist training
  • Driver, gunner, commander and many others applications

  • Ready to work in just minutes
  • Transportable using forklift
  • Possibility of using dedicated manipulators and accessories
  • Full and native hardware and software integration with the VR set
  • Delivered with software management package and plugins
  • Linear actuators with slide up to 12 cm


Motion Platform RCM-C420


Motion Platform RCM-C420


Motion Platform RCM-C420
General Specification
  • Power supply requirements: 230 VAC
  • Maximum power consumption: 4,2 kW
  • Dimensions: 160 cm x 71 cm
  • Weight: 180 kg
Motion Specification
  • Heave: up to 10 cm
  • Pitch: up to ±5°
  • Dimensions: 160 cm x 71 cm
  • Roll: up to ±10°


Even most advanced hardware is nothing without good software. It might looks simple from the outside, but under the hood there is a lot going on, in both firmware and PC software. For instance, we monitor motion stream characteristic and adjust frequency inverters parameters on the fly to make sure that motion platforms is smooth when it is required or fast and brutal in other cases.

What kind of software do I get?

Every our motion platform is delivered with the platform manager. This application is free of charge for every customers who buys our motion platforms. This rules all to both home and professional series motion platforms. The application allows to use motion platforms with supported games, perform diagnostic, monitor motion platforms operation, update firmware and use SDK - ForceSeatMI to connect it to your custom applications.

Can I control motion platform from my software?

You can control all our motion platforms using one of ours SDKs.

Is it VR ready?

All our motion platforms work in VR environment. Additionally if you need to compensate unwanted head movements caused by motion platform's top frame movements, we have a technology that will do it for you. The VR HeadWay is part of the platform manager and it is available free-of-charge for all customers who bought one of our motion platforms.

Will it work with Unreal Engine 4 and Unity?

Both our SDK support both - UE4 and Unity. It means that as long as you can modify UE4/Unity application, you can add support for motion platform to it. Click here for details.

However if you use 3rd party closed source UE4/Unity application or game, then it will not support motion platform by default. Please check with application developers to confirm if they can use our SDKs in their product.

Will it work with Linux?

The platform manager application supports only Windows PC however our low lever SDK - ForceSeatDI can be used with Linux and Raspberry Pi 3.

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