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VR is well known for humanity, it has been on market for over 20 years but its first attempts were a failure especially because people felt nauseous and of some technological limitations. Now we have many companies trying to figure out the most attractive and the safest version of headsets.


Cybersickness or Virtual Reality sickness are similar to Motion Sickness. Symptoms are almost the same: you feel dizzy as on a car trip or feel sick like on a plane. Everything depends on the VR technology that headset is using. Consequences might be more or less intense. Usually it is because of problems with presence and balance. Eyes send false perspective as motion is displayed in headset and even that your brain is aware of headset and game being on, your body still wants to react. That is how Motion Sickness occurs.

VR Sickness


 Thanks to science article written by Jiwon Lee, Mingyu Kim and Jinmo Kim from MDPI we are able to represent those surprising data considering VR sickness. Numbers show that 100% of the participant felt the impact of Virtual Reality. 90% of users felt casual effects of VR sickness, while the 10% of examined volunteers felt serious consequences on their skin. The main reason of change in sickness levels was the complexity of simulator used by volunteers.
The highest change in VR sickness with respect to extending time was with use of game pad and VR equipment. The lowest was associated with the most high-end device to simulate movement. The more advanced technology is the longer sessions will have less risk of causing disorientation, oculomotor or nausea problems. VR technology is developing but like every solution it has some drawbacks. We can minimize the risk of feeling uncomfortable with equipping better movement simulating devices. Important is a lack of mismatches which would only make sickness worse. Our devices have special software and were designed to make simulations realistic. That is why this is one of the best solutions to help yourself with VR sickness – purchasing Motion Platform.
VR Sickness



In 2020, we have the wide variety of VR headsets which differ from each other on different levels. Headsets became relatively cheap and that is a main reason why it is being used in training, rehabilitation and gaming. With the new next generation of technology new problems occurred. VR is facing a couple of them right now: oculomotor disturbances, 3DoF VR which have problem with sense of presence and very underestimated cause are computer graphics for VR.

To neglect almost all causes of suffering from VR entertainment we should own high-end PC, 6DoF VR and the most important – motion platforms. Thanks to motion platforms the sense of presence would be fulfilled because of great precision with which platforms simulate movement. That is why our products starting from 2DoF sim racing experience and finishing on high payload 6DoF platforms are able to decrease and almost totally help you to avoid suffering from VR. When we plug in both VR and motion systems into action we can use it for Vestibular Rehabilitation which means that gaming or training technology can help to cure people.


Thanks to motion platforms you will be capable of playing longer sessions on your device without feeling nauseous. Motion Systems succeeded in minimizing mismatches between movement and graphics which brings disorientation to the end. Software takes its part in minimizing the influence of VR on your health condition. Our VR HeadWay technology helps to stay aware of your surroundings which makes your gameplay or training more immersive and authentic.


To sum up, being healthy might look like a tough thing to do but with our help you can enjoy your hobby without worrying about health consequences. Playing, training or watching might be as safe as you desire, you just need good equipment with motion platform.

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