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  • HS-203

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    Max user weight: 130kg
    Applications: Home racing and flights VR simulators
    Pitch/roll: ±10°, 20°/s
    Weight: 28kg

  • HS-210

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    Payload: 235kg
    Applications: Racing, rally and flights simulators.
    Yaw: ±10°, up to 36°/s (under load condition)
    Sway: ±100.75 mm, up to 361mm/s (under load condition)
    Weight: 108kg

  • PS-2RM-150

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    Payload: 150kg
    Applications: Racing and flights simulators, VR, healthcare equipment
    Pitch: ±13°, 32.5°/s, 250°/s2
    Roll: ±10°, 25°/s, 250°/s2
    Weight: 63kg

  • HS-2100

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    The HS-2100 is a revolutionary sim cockpit mover that combines precision with exceptional motion dynamics for racing applications.

  • QS-CH2

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    The QS-CH2 provides the most precise traction loss feeling by moving the entire cockpit. This 2DoF motion platform suits to any racing simulation.