For Oliver, one of our Client, the whole adventure with flight simulation started with a VR headset a few years ago. Anyone who uses VR knows there’s no way back. VR has already brought the flying experience very close to reality. However, as a big fan of DCS, Oliver wanted more and started looking for motion platforms. His dream was also to be able to feel the movements of the plane in a VR immersion. After researching the motion solutions market, the Client decided to choose a motion system provider.
“After completing research, MotionSystems was at the top of my list. This had 3 reasons. Highly professional web presence with a variety of different platform solutions. Among other things, they are also the manufacturer of the V3 platforms distributed by NextLevelRacing, so they also offer a mass product with corresponding quality assurance and customer support. Provides VR Motion Compensation and their headquarters is located in beautiful Wroclaw, Poland, which is only 7 hours away from my home and offered me the opportunity to test the product before purchase.” – said Oliver

DCS Flight

Flight Simulator

6DoF Motion Platform PS-6TM-150
After long discussions about the project and e-mails exchange, Client came to Wrocław. He tested 3-DOF and its current 6-DOF platform (PS-6TM-150) on site. As a result of the tests, the Client decided to choose a slightly more complex and more expensive variant of the 6 DOF system, in line with the motto “all or nothing”. Oliver just wanted every movement
of the plane/helicopter to be broadcast as realistically as possible.
The implementation of DCS on our platform was still in its infancy at the time, some moves were missing, others were just plain wrong. However, taking into account the great commitment of both parties to the project, we managed to achieve the maximum efficiency of the platform. So, at the end of 2020, the PS-6TM-150 was ordered. In February 2021, the platform was delivered to the Customer location. Then, for about half a year, we were constantly working on improving the software profile for DCS. “The support from Motion Systems is really fantastic, as a customer you feel very well cared for” – Oliver

DCS Flight

Flight Simulator

Software ForceSeatPM
The basis is the ForceSeatPM software, which customers obtain by purchasing a platform. The software offers profiles for a variety of games
(flight and mainly racing simulations). Within the profiles, the user can adjust an incredible number of settings for the behavior of the axes, special effects and, of course, the strength of the movements. Users have a very flexible set-up. The big advantage is the plug-and-play solution. Switch on the platform, start the software, select the profile of the game and off you go!

Cockpit setup
The motion platform was delivered with a stable steel plate as the base for the cockpit. The holes for mounting the cockpit have been adjusted in accordance with the requirements of the Customer. The cockpit used in this application is Monstertech’s MTX Flight Rig.


Implementation in DCS
At the end, a few words from the User:
“Now that the fine-tuning of the Motion Systems profile for DCS is completed, the performance of the platform is simply indescribable. The movements and also the strength of the accelerations are breathtaking. This leads to the point that you really start sweating in aerial combat for fear of being shot down. Because of the rollercoaster ride during, the spin towards the ground is sometimes so strong that I press the emergency stop button in panic. The bottom line is that the platform has led to the same result as the VR glasses – there is no way back. Flying without the platform now feels as wrong as flying on the monitor when the VR glasses are next to you.” – Oliver


Oliver V.
Germany, 2022


The PS-6TM-150 motion platform is the smallest 6DoF in the professional series. It is the most compact, but yet powerful and reliable unit, greatly applicable into single implementations for simulation and entertainment. Smooth movement with impressive angles gives a lot of possibilities in testing and verification for industry purposes. Due to VRHeadway, all virtual reality applications work easy and perfectly both home and professional use.



Oliver V.


Date of application: 2022
Localization: Germany