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When the Earth shakes...

Earthquake Simulator

The expansion and modernization of Silesian Planetarium in Chorzow is underway. The latest project will be enriched by new building with area of ​​over 2.5 thousand square meters, additional lecture rooms, laboratories, conference rooms and unique educational exposition presenting three different branches of science: seismology, meteorology and astronomy. One of attraction of seismology section will be an earthquake simulator. The facility, weighing a massive 3 tonnes, can simulates the ground motion of earthquakes.

The electrically driven simulator build on 6 DoF motion platform PS-6TL-LP2000 will be furnished with tables, chairs and other movable objects, also the platform can seat up to 10 people. Using real recorded seismic signals and with no risk, visitors can experience the phenomenon of an “earthquake”.  The PS-6TL-LP2000  truly reproduce real earthquakes: acceleration, frequency and amplitude of vibrations.

Earthquake Simulator Room
Earthquake Simulator Room

The earthquake simulation is not only intended to increase the public’s awareness of Earth shakes, but also to demonstrate individual safety behavior and practice in case of earthquake. Along with lectures, experiments, guided tours and special topics, the earthquake simulator will be formally open to guests, also for visitors with physical disability.

The project and construction of simulator was commission by Silesian Planetarium with support of general contractor Wikoma company in cooperation with Atomic Matters and Motion Systems.