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The biggest advantage of using TS-10 simulator over casual truck training is safety. There are no real obstacles on the way for inexperienced truck or bus drivers, all of them are virtual. With TS-10 possibility of an injury or business damage is zero. The future drivers can acquire their experience in non-moving hardware device to drive trucks flawlessly in real traffic. They only need to get in TS-10, grab a steering wheel and follow instructors tasks.
Truck Simulator TS-10


Truck drivers can be trained faster, easier and cheaper with the use of TS-10, the truck simulator. This device allows to change trucks, gearbox, vehicle stability or all-wheel differential locks with few clicks which speeds the process up. No exchanges or upgrades are needed. No external tools are required to help drivers to gain experience. Everything is provided with TS-10.


6 Dof simulator is a possibility of reaching future with bare hands. Company can stay Eco-friendly, educate new truck and bus operators without any harm to the surrounding people and environment . Risk connected with training new drivers in real traffic is gone. Acquired experience with TS-10 will eliminate newbie mistakes for good.
Truck Simulator TS-10


TS-10, The Truck Simulator does not have any age restrictions, thus young, future drivers are able to practice without any law consequences. Companies are able to invest their money in young 16 y.o. teenagers so they can acquire their skilled employees as they reach 18 y.o.. This way Bus or Truck drivers would have 2 years of experience while being only 18 y.o which is impossible right now.


Gearboxes, Trucks, road accidents, surroundings and much more can by optimized however instructor wishes. Different models of trailer and load can prepare every driver for choosen transport specialization.


Possibilities on TS-10 are almost limitless. Instructor can manipulate weather, road anomalies or virtual trucks however he pleases. This way coach can challenge operators to check their skills in rough conditions. It allows for fast self-development without any risk of harm. User of such a simulator can try himself on a narrow street or in the rush hours so in future, in real traffic he would be familiar with such a difficult situations.


Thanks to wide variety of customization available with simulator TS-10 companies are able to fit it perfectly to their business demands and thanks to such a range of choices companies can make savings. There is no need for car insurance, fuel, training yard – those add up to cut expenses. Important to mention is a fact that real accidents, in real traffic will not have a place, which might be very harmful to life of an user and whole company.


TS-10 is equipped with Mercedes Atego cabin which with 6Dof motion platform guarantee the feeling of a real truck in action. All scenarios are simulated with close care to details, AI are unpredictable and are meant to attract attention of a driver. No googles are needed, screens are placed in window spaces which makes a feeling of real window view.
Truck Simulator TS-10
Truck Simulator TS-10


Great feature in TS-10 virtual trainings is a possibility to print all feedback and information from session that drivers took. Coach is able to analyze them and choose which fields need an improvement. This way development is easier and faster than ever.
Truck Simulator TS-10


In Motion Systems we love to think outside the box. That is why we have made TS-10 mobile. This solution allows to reach much more customers than usual Simulators. Do not let customers wait, surprise them with our mobile TS-10 today.