At the beginning of March 2023, Flint Systems, in cooperation with SLASE, delivered four, 2DoF motion spacecraft simulators for educational purposes. All motion VR simulators are located at the Białków Astronomical Education Center of the University of Wroclaw, which was built in the revitalized 19th-century estate of amateur astronomer Leo Wutschichowsky (1854-1927).

Spacecraft Simulators

The project consists of four simulation stations with installation to the astronomical observatory in Białków. The simulators use VR technology, and the simulation scenario involves a several-minute journey through the solar system in a spacecraft, during which young people and adults visit and learn about the various planets and moons.

Spacecraft Simulators

Flint Systems carried out the project in a consortium together with SLASE. Flint Systems designed and provided the hardware, including motion platforms, cockpits, add-ons and accessories, and SLASE provided the video content ready to work in a VR environment.

Spacecraft Simulators

The VR spacecraft simulators are based on Qubic System linear actuators. The use of linear actuator technology together with dedicated software for managing motion platforms made the simulators able to perfectly reflect what is happening in the spacecraft during launch and subsequent flight in space. Participants of the simulation feel the smallest oscillations and vibrations of the space flight. Additional 2DoF motion platforms are ready to work in the VR environment.

Spacecraft Simulators

Flint Systems has successfully developed an educational space flight simulation that educates students about the Solar System in an accessible and modern way. The project came out so well that it is sure to be a big attraction not only for young people, but also for adults.


Innovative technology, modular and compact design, as well as the extremely quiet operation makes the QS-220-PL as a perfect motion base for professional application  in various types of cockpits. Additional sets of QS-220-PL can be configured as a 4 and 6 actuated system to provide 3 / 4 / 6DOF using dedicated cockpits from Qubic System product’s line.




Date of application: 2023
Localization: Białków