SimClub the most professional Sim Racing Center in Greece

SimClub is the most professional sim racing center in Greece, which provides racing enthusiasts and professional racing teams a next level of immersive training. Sim center offers the perfect combination of top quality equipment for maximum realism in the ultimate racing experience. The simulators are the most advanced in Greece, giving motor sports enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the thrill of racing in a controlled, safe environment. Six fully equipped motion simulators, over 100 cars and tracks to choose, place for meetings, professional sim racing events and competitions are available to guests.


QS-V20 Motion Cockpits

QS-V20 4DoF motion platforms

Six fully equipped racing simulators based on QS-V20:

  • QS-DD-20 wheelbase with the racing approved steering wheel SABELT,
  • Set of pedals with load cell,
  • Phase shifters and hand brakes,
  • Professional approved bucket seats made on Alcántara  with 4-point FIA seatbelts,
  • Sets of triple screens

Full motion racing simulator

Software ForceSeatPM

The basis is the ForceSeatPM software, which customers obtain by purchasing a motion platform. The software offers profiles for a variety of games (top titles of racing simulations). Within the profiles, the user can adjust an incredible number of settings for the behavior of the axes, special effects and, of course, the strength of the movements. Users have a very flexible set-up. The big advantage is the plug-and-play solution.

SimClub Grand Opening

At the end, a few words about project:
“Simracing has been my hobby for many years, but got serious on the first Covid lockdown. That’s when I realized the demand of Sim racers for high-end products that will increase the immersion and the overall experience. My home rig got upgraded, and my friends couldn’t get enough, that and my passion for the hobby got me thinking to expand it to a business that I would enjoy creating.
End of Summer 2021 I began to research for the best sim racing systems for the Arena that would give the ultimate experience to my potential customers. After my extensive research, the final decision was to proceed with Qubic System. The decision was spot on! Customers feedback has been very positive.”
– Bobby, SimClub Managing Director



The QS-V20 is an extended 4DoF motion cockpit, designed for pro racing car simulation, dedicated to both drivers training and sim racing enthusiasts. The motion system based on world’s fastest linear actuator’s technology provides incredible levels of vehicle feedback to the driver. This motion platform is suitable for Rally, GT and F1 simulations, also the small footprint and lightweight design allow to fit the machine to every racing room.




Date of application: 2022
Localization: Greece