Protected Mobility – Applied Virtual Simulation

Customer profile: Applied Virtual Simulation is Australia’s leading defence simulation technology provider. The company focuses on the development of incredibly vivid simulation-based training systems for a wide range of applications including army school needs. AVS are experts in the design, delivery, integration and maintenance of innovative simulation-based training systems for individual and collective training. Their aim is to deliver safe, efficient and high-fidelity immersive experiences.

As a Motion Systems we had the opportunity to participate in the project of providing Protected Mobility Tactical Trainers for the training purposes in Australian Army. Our linear actuator technology form Qubic System line was selected for this project and implemented in all training simulators.

The fully equipped cockpits of PMTT are based on QS-220-PL motion platforms.

PMTT Townsville

Scalable and accessible tool for the crews

The Protected Mobility Tactical Trainer (PMTT) developed by Applied Virtual Simulation (AVS) is one of the latest innovations embraced by the Army and is helping to achieve the aim of being a future-ready force. The PMTT system allows the Australian Army to train its soldiers to operate its fleet of protected mobility vehicles in a variety of tactical conditions and operational environments. The PMTT is a scalable and accessible tool for training soldiers on vehicle craft, tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), communications and a wide range of mounted combatant skills. Scalable, accessible and effective training outcomes. The PMTT capability delivers training to over 1000 soldiers annually and is expanding to additional locations across the Army, providing a flexible, accessible and future ready training capability.

Virtual Mobility Tactical Training

The Protected Mobility Tactical Trainer is capable of conducting full mission scenarios from orders to execution to after action review with up to five vehicles per system. The PMTT system can simulate a wide range of vehicles and subsystems, in a variety of tactical conditions and operational environments, providing realistic physical simulations of motion and an immersive experience for drivers, vehicle commanders and gunners or convoy simulation training.

PMTT Townsville

State of the art vehicle simulators

The Mobility Tactical Trainer PMTT is designed to deliver collective training and allows rapid iteration of training serials, which can involve complex scenarios in varied terrain and operational conditions. The system provides a comprehensive training capability from the delivery of orders through to execution and after-action review.

Virtual and Immersive

Protected Mobility Tactical Trainer is based on superfast linear actuators motion system,which is also ready to work with VR. Dedicated software uses advanced mathematicalformulas to calculate necessary motion compensation and applies data to the headset atruntime. It eliminates platform movements from the VR tracking systemcausing driving experiences to be more immersive and authentic. This modular plug and play platform is seamless to implement and compatible with modern and flexible VBS simulation software.

Thanks to low latency time (less than 8ms), the motion platform responds immediately to signal from the VBS3 simulation telemetry. The Motion Cueing, which has been programmed and used as a plug-in for VBS, allows feeling the movements of the vehicle, road effects and engine vibration. Actuator stroke up to 100 mm empowers for the reflection of the conditions prevailing in the terrain in which the armored vehicles move and increases the immersion for training soldiers.

Modular platform

Through successive training serials, soldiers can quickly gain skills and experience in a wide range of areas, from vehicle craft, to mounted tactics, navigation and communications. The new tech strives to imitate real life terrain, but it’s not the only tool the army school is deploying to help train soldiers virtually.
The system consists of five vehicle platforms, an after-action review station and an admin station, is designed around the training of junior mounted leaders and the development of teams, and can train up to 15 soldiers at any given time out of the new protected mobility vehicles simulator.


The QS-220-PL is a modular and configurable motion system dedicated for special training applications. World’s fastest linear actuators with 800 mm/s velocity and maximum reduced of latency 8ms, gives possibility to build ready-to-go simulators for ground, sea and aircraft systems operators.




Date of application: 2022
Localization: Townsville, Australia