Motion simulators for educational & entertainment purposes

VIZIUM is a unique science centre, which aims at providing STEM education to children and young people through technologies, creative workshops, and science shows. The exposition of Ventspils science center VIZIUM is designed as a combination of science and contemporary design with its own strong identity. White space creates associations with the laboratory or spacecraft of the future and is an equally attractive environment for discovering the magic of science for both children and adults. At the same time, the space created in one style differs in each gallery with the spatial experience and the shape of the volumes.

Vizium Science Centre

Spatial simulation experience

At the science centre, every visitor will have the opportunity to travel to the city of future to learn more about science and other topics, such as physics and mathematics, modern technologies and programming, healthy lifestyle, human body, self-knowledge, geography, etc. in an exciting way, by means of 80 interactive and education-oriented exhibits located in seven galleries dedicated to technology and natural science.

Vizium Science Centre

A varied and changing spatial experience is offered to the visitor upon entering the exhibition hall. The relatively closed corridor between the Smart Technology Gallery and the Physics and Mathematics Gallery leads to the extensive Geography and the World Gallery and the Human Self-Perception Gallery. Then, bypassing the freestanding simulators, the journey continues through the zigzag zone of the Healthy Lifestyle Gallery.

Vizium Science Centre

Truly Immersive Experience

VIZIUM is a place to be for both young and old! The exhibits of VIZIUM will allow the visitors to put themselves into the shoes of a professional football player and a shooter, to rush down the extreme snowboard slope, to experience a powerful earthquake, to escape a virtual labyrinth, to try on virtual national costumes, to get an adrenaline rush riding a roller coaster, and so much more!

Vizium Science Centre
Vizium Science Centre


PS-6TM-1500 as a motion base for earthquake simulator. The motion platform is dedicated for 0.4G simulators, where the fully equipped cabin is mounting directly on upper frame. PS-6TM-1500 motion system is chosen by customers, thanks to its ease of installation, super silent operation, good resistance to momentary overloads and reduced deployment time.

The PS-240 is a motion solution based on the linear actuator’s technology. The motion system is dedicated to projects where it is necessary to reproduce real time vibrations, such as helicopter flight simulation or in the professional entertainment applications, for example haptic floors in VR centers.




Date of application: 2022
Localization: Vizium Science Center, Latvia
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