VR training simulators from Flint Systems have many advantages. They are fully immersive and allow you to feel all the moves of the machine thanks to the motion platform. They are also a very efficient means of training and at the same, they reduce training costs, because there is no need for renting real machines. VR training simulators also increase the safety of the training.

Forklift VR Training Simulator

The training takes place on a VR twin, located in a virtual port/construction site/ warehouse or any other place you can think of. The trainee sits safely in the simulator, and at the same time is inside the virtual training environment.

Benefits of Flint Systems VR Training Simulators:

  • Accurate simulation of machine’s movement
  • Good immersion thanks to platform feedback (2DOF)
  • Futuristic design, made from lightweight materials
  • Can be applied to simulate many types of machinery
Forklift VR Training Simulator

The forklift simulator will serve for training purposes at one of Office of Technical Inspection facility in Poznań. It can be, however, easily transported to other locations. UDT (Office of Technical Inspection) purchased the simulator to improve the qualifications of trainers and examiners who conduct forklift driving examinations.

Forklift VR Training Simulator

“Flint Systems simulators not only revolutionize the simulator market using VR technology, but above all, they facilitate access to training for operators of this type of machines and vehicles, guaranteeing realistic experiences while maintaining full safety. This simulator is without any doubt the most advanced forklift simulator on the market. Flint Systems has created the best training tool for future forklift operators, allowing them to train safely in a virtual world. This product follows the series of simulators that we delivered to the port and construction sectors,” Leszek Tarnawski, President of the Board at Flint Systems.

Forklift VR Training Simulator

The forklift VR training simulator from Flint Systems reflects all the functionalities of a real forklift. Watch the video and see what the training looks like!


Innovative technology, modular and compact design, as well as the extremely quiet operation makes the QS-220-PL as a perfect motion base for professional application  in various types of cockpits. Additional sets of QS-220-PL can be configured as a 4 and 6 actuated system to provide 3 / 4 / 6DOF using dedicated cockpits from Qubic System product’s line.




Date of application: 2021
Localization: Gdynia