Using VR headsets with the newest and the most advanced titles may bring you many unforgettable moments. Although everything seems to be natural, photorealistic and almost real there is one "but". Either available VR system on the market is capable to compensate and eliminate movements that come from the motion platform. It may be not obvious for dynamic games where scenery changes every frame but the issue is real!

Movement systems generates feeling of the forces that act on your body by doing some moves. Those moves are being recognized by VR systems as head movements which is obviously wrong.

VR Compensation in Plane

For example, taking a turn while driving the car generates force that push your body outside of the seat. To simulate this behaviour motion platform has to lean top frame. This changes position of the entire cockpit with you inside. VR system recognizes this as your head movements and processes them in the normal way. Without compensation it looks like your head is going to smash the side window. Finally you can find your head outside the window which may be quite hilarious.

VR Compensation in Car

Our software uses advanced mathematic formulas to calculate necessary compensation and applies it to the VR headset at runtime. It eliminates platform movements from the VR tracking system causing your experiences to be more immersive and authentic. Compensation module is transparent for end users, it can be used with almost all Motion Systems platforms and level of correction can be adjusted to user individual preferences with a few simple sliders.

VR Compensation Sliders

Only parameter required by the compensation module is user's head position relative to top frame rotation center. We encourage you to make necessary measurements and provide this necessary configuration parameter as it will improve your VR experience.

VR Head Position for HS-series VR Head Position for PS-series

If you want to experience VR with enhanced motion experience please install ForceSeatPM 2.59 or newer.

Supported VR headsets:

Supported motion platforms:

* - motion platforms manufactured before January 2017 might not work