2018.04.18: version 2.73:

  • General: Added option to change direction of axes in Motion Post-Processing configuration - Linearity can be negative
  • Condor 2: Added support for this game
  • Dirt Rally: Added workaround for motion platform movements after race if over
  • FURIDASHI Drift Cyber Sport: Added support for this game
  • F1 2017: Introduced UDP proxy server
  • Flight Sim World: Updates related to changes in game
  • GPBikes: Updated connector to beta 13 and added support for VR
  • iRacing: Initial version of tactile feedback support
  • MXBikes: Updated connector to beta 7b and added support for VR
  • OpenVR SDK: Updated OpenVR SDK to 1.0.14
  • Project CARS 2: Updated shared memory to version 9
  • Tactile Feedback: Engine and Center channels can be mixed now with FL FR RL RR
  • VR HeadWay: Switch from black list application model to white list model - motion compensation is now only enabled for well known and verified games
  • War Thunder: Replaced Turn with Bank as Roll source and fixed reconnecting issue
  • World Racing Series: Updated connector to beta 12b and added support for VR
  • X-Plane 11: Fixed crash when VR HeadWay is used
  • Updated HS-203 firmware

2018.02.22: version 2.71:

  • Updated OpenVR SDK to 1.0.11
  • Updated Oculus SDK to 1.23
  • Updated connector for Kart Racing Pro (release 4)
  • Added support for DCS World 2.5 Open Beta
  • Added support for IL-2 Cliffs of Dover Blitz
  • Added support for Linux x64 to ForceSeatDI (USB only)
  • Added initial support for Prepar3D v4
  • Introduced 'Diagnostic Only' main screen mode
  • Improved system configuration scanning performance
  • Fixed bug in F1 2017 port configuration

2017.12.20: version 2.69:

  • Fixed quick tunes loading errors when Tactile Feedback System is disabled
  • Improved compatibility with Windows 10 Fall Creator Updates
  • Project CARS 2: Switched to new shared memory structure (Project CARS 2)
  • VR Regatta - The Sailing Game: Initial support
  • HS-202/HS-203: Added rear-front adjustment option to Level Calibration

2017.10.17: version 2.67:

  • 22 Racing Series: Introduced HS-203 motion script
  • Updates related to recent changes in the game
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2: Updated motion script
  • F1 2017: Introduced automatic configuration
  • F1 2017: Updates related to recent changes in the UDP specification
  • Project CARS 2: Updated shared memory configuration message
  • Improved Tactile Feedback System

2017.08.24: version 2.65:

  • General: Introduced work envelop limit configuration in Hardware Configuration for HS-203
  • General: Introduced Motion Post-Processing quick tunes that allow to configure curvature of the motion path and limit operation range
  • General: Added Repair section to Help and Support that allows to uninstall Force Feedback proxy and VR HeadWay integration
  • General: Fixed minor bugs
  • General: Dropped support for HS-200
  • 22 Racing Series: Added initial version of support for this game (no motion profiles yet)
  • Assetto Corsa: Added Wheel Slip Effect Intensity quick tune
  • DCS World: Fixed respawn and roll issues
  • Euro Truck Simulator: Updated SDK to 1.9
  • iRacing: Introduced VR HeadWay (temporary solution)
  • Race Room Experience: Fixed sway and surge mapping issues in profile for HS-2xx
  • Race Room Experience: Initial version of tactile feedback support

2017.06.07: version 2.63:

  • Improved VR HeadWay smoothness.
  • Redesigned ForceSeatMI SDK. Introduced new universal profiles, advanced vehicle and planes telemetry examples and support for tactile transcuders.
  • ATTENTION! The new ForceSeatMI SDK is not backward compatible with version 2.61 and older. It is necessary to recompile applications that use ForceSeatMI to make them work again.
  • Introduced initial version of Tactile Feedback System with profiles for Assetto Corsa, Project CARS and DiRT Rally
  • Introduced single click elevation routine for games and system configuration when the configuration process is started by clicking Run auto configuration in Action Center window.
  • Fixed invalid error line number presented when there is an error in main script and the main script includes another script.
  • Added VR motion compensation to Race Room Experience profile
  • Added support for Design it Drive it: Speedboats
  • Added support for Flight Sim World
  • Added support for F1 2017
  • Reduced minimal tunes value to 0 so selected axis can be completely disabled.
  • Updated HS-202 and HS-203 firmwares.
  • Improvements in Platform Diagnostic window
  • Improved X-Plane, Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D profiles for 6DoF and 3DoF motion platforms
  • Added VR quick tunes to IL-2 Cliffs of Dover
  • Introduced x64 version of ForceFeedback monitor
  • Updates in scripts related to recent changes in the game
  • Added Vertical Speed field to Flight Simulator and Prepar3D. The new field can be used to associated heave motion to variometer rate readings.

2017.03.07: version 2.61:

  • Added a draft version of profile for DiRT 4 and Project CARS 2
  • Replaced Shift Light to Rev Limiter Offset with Rev Limiter Threshold Percent. The new parameter defines the shift light percent level that begins vibrations. Setting Rev Limiter Threshold Percent to zero disables the rev limiter.
  • Updated HS-202 firmware to support uptime.
  • Updated HS-203 firmware to support uptime and new startup calibration routine.
  • Added progress percent information to spinner displayed when the system configuration is being scanned.
  • VR HeadWay is disabled when the required head position parameter is not configured.
  • Improved VR HeadWay installer and configuration screen.
  • Added option that allows to permanently disable VR HeadWay in games and applications
  • Added helper images to VR Integration window that explain how to measure head position.
  • Added detection of Project CARS installed outside of Steam
  • Updated Euro Truck Simulator SDK from 1.5 to 1.6
  • Updated Oculus SDK to 1.11.0
  • Introduced Favorites profiles filter to main screen
  • Introduced Platform Dashboard as alternative main screen (initial version)
  • Fixed name truncation which occurred during profile cloning process.
  • Fixed minor bugs.

2017.01.27: version 2.59:

  • Added Shift Light to Rev Limiter Offset tune to iRacing profile
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Windows 7

2017.01.20: version 2.57:

  • Introduced VR HeadWay for SteamVR (HTC Vive)
  • Introduced VR HeadWay for Oculus DK2/Rift (DX11 and OpenGL)
  • Introduced Game Configuration Selector that allows to choose in which mode the game should be started (eg. VR or no-VR)
  • Added global hotkeys Win + Shift + V and Shift + ScrollLock that enable/disable VR HeadWay during gameplay
  • Improved shared memory implementation
  • HS-203 firmware: Improved RPM calculation for low fan speed and introduced more precise start-up calibration
  • Added Run auto configuration button to Action Center window that solves all simple issues at once

2016.12.13: version 2.55:

  • Updated Aerofly FS2 SDK
  • Switched to iRacing SDK 1.10
  • Added Create and Send to Snapshot section
  • HS-203 firmware: Improved fan control algorithm
  • Minor UI improvements

2016.12.05: version 2.53:

  • Changed Global Configuration to Software Configuration
  • Introduced Hardware Configuration option to enable Oscillation Dampening and Alternative Control Algorithm for HS-202
  • Added support for Aerofly FS2
  • Added support for Falcon 4.0 and Falcon 4.0 BMS
  • Added support for X-Plane 11
  • Added support for DiRT Rally VR and improved configuration detection for F1 2016
  • Added support for Condor together with proxy server that forwards telemetry data received from Condor to remote listeners.
  • Added support for updated Race Room Experience shared memory structure

2016.08.19: version 2.51:

  • Added --activate "profile_name" command line argument to allow changing the active profile. If ForceSeatPM is running, the profile is changed without restarting. Otherwise, a new instance of ForceSeatPM is started with the given profile set as active.
  • Improved game detection for rFactor, Game Stock Extreme and Formula Truck 2013 from Steam.
  • Redesigned the Help and Support window
  • Added an option to show profiles for installed games only
  • Added Weight Transfer Bias to quick tunes
  • Added support for Codemasters F1 2016
  • Added support for (more suitable for off-road than regular road driving)
  • Updated Assetto Corsa shared memory structures to 1.6.3
  • HS-202 firmware: Tuned USB routine priorities, improved undervoltage protection, and fixed pause routine

2016.05.05: version 2.49:

  • Added support for Automobilista
  • Added a motion Recorder for diagnostic purposes
  • Added Dead zone parameter to Mapping in Profile Editor
  • Updated integration with Codemasters games:
    • Dirt 2 and Showdown use extradata=1
    • Dirt 3 uses extradata=0 due to bug in the game that causes crash
    • Dirt Rally uses extradata=3
    • GRID 2 and Autosport use extradata=0
    • F1 2011 uses extradata=1
    • F1 2012 uses extradata=2
    • F1 2013 and 2014 uses extradata=3
    • F1 2015 uses API v4
  • Introduced Codemasters proxy server that forwards telemetry data to remote listeners. It is available for Dirt 2, Dirt Showdown, F1 2011, F1 2012, F1 2013 and F1 2014.
  • Fixed detection of NoLimits 2 Roller Coaster Simulator from Steam
  • Fixed problem with Snapshot creation when profile directory contains non-English characters
  • Changed hotkey for Parking to Win + Shift + A
  • Improved detection of Prepare3D v3
  • Improved hints for cases when there is no motion during gameplay for unknown reason
  • Changed Windows Phone style position indicators into real scroll bars

2016.03.11: version 2.47:

  • Tuned temperature, PWM frequency and main control loop in HS-202 firmware
  • Improved integration with DCS World so it does not affect DCS iControl
  • Fixes in Assetto Corsa profile related to rev limiter effect
  • Added support for American Truck Simulator

2016.02.25: version 2.45:

  • Added support for NoLimits 2 Roller Coaster Simulator
  • Added support for MX Bikes and World Racing Series
  • Added support for Flight Simulator X (10.0.62615)
  • Added support for DCS World 2 Alpha
  • Added option in Global configuration that allows to disable Action Center automatic popups
  • Added position interpolation to X-Plane in order to reduce issues caused by FPS rate drop
  • Added G-Meter display and reading for Assetto Corsa, Project CARS, iRacing, Dirt Rally, rFactor 1 and 2
  • Added filtering functionality to Games Profiles window
  • Improved game inactivity detection in Assetto Corsa plug-in
  • Improved Assetto Corsa, Dirt Rally, Project CARS, rFactor 1 and rFactor 2 profiles for 3DoF motion platforms
  • Improved Firmware Updater
  • Reset digital outputs/triggers when EndMotion is called in ForceSeatMI
  • Do not prompt for missing Direct Input configuration if associated profile is not active
  • Fixed RPM reading from F1 2015
  • Fixed paused state routine for GPBikes
  • Reduced CPU usage during graph drawing in Platform Diagnostic window

2015.09.02: version 2.43:

  • Added support for WRC 4 (specifically the Steam version)
  • Added support for War Thunder (planes only)
  • Added profiles for Kart Racing Pro (beta 14c) and GP Bikes (beta 6c)
  • Added support for DiRT Rally 0.6.107 - accommodating their changes to the motion API
  • Added multi-platform diagnostic
  • Added OBD-II ELM327 Simulator that can forward data from games to OBD-II application on a smartphone
  • Added Dashboard Diagnostic that displays current dashboard data from a game
  • Removed Display built-in profiles, Enable Direct Input plug-in and Enable Force Feedback plug-in options from the installer. They are still available in Global configuration.
  • Double-clicking .mosypro file causes Windows Explorer to import profile into ForceSeatPM
  • Fixed possible interference with other USB devices when the program is searching for a motion platform connected via USB.

2015.07.15: version 2.41:

  • Added support for Copa Petrobras de Marcas
  • Added multi-platform diagnostic

2015.07.10: version 2.39:

  • Improvements in game plug-ins
  • Improvements in MotionTheater plug-in
  • Improvements in ForceSeatMI plug-in
  • Added support for F1 2015
  • Introduced Multi-plaform mode as replacement for Dual-platform mode
  • Changed Motion intensity into Overall intensity
  • Tune sliders, that are not supported by connected motion platform, are now hidden instead of just disabled

2015.05.11: version 2.37:

  • Added prompt about Project CARS shared memory configuration
  • Changed entropy algorithm in HS-201 firmware

2015.05.07: version 2.35:

  • Added support for GT Legends
  • Added support for Project CARS but user has to enable Use Shared Memory in the game settings (Options - Visuals - Hardware)
  • Fixed mixed surge - sway labels in vehicle motion image

2015.04.30: version 2.33:

  • Improved X-Plane profile for 3DoF and 6DoF motion platforms
  • Improved FSX and P3D profiles for 3DoF and 6DoF motion platforms
  • Added support for Dirt Rally

2015.04.20: version 2.31:

  • Fixed profile importing - no extra empty lines are added to script anymore
  • Added speed and steering angle to Assetto Corsa plug-in
  • Added autoconfiguration for GTR 2
  • Improved speed of FSX and Prepar3D plug-ins
  • Improved Dirt 3 profile

2015.03.25: version 2.29:

  • Improved ForceSeatMI input plug-in
  • Fixed missing scripts in FSX, Prepare3D, DCS and X-Plane profiles
  • Fixed missing FieldSimOnGround in Prepar3D plug-in
  • Improved routine for 'Park on pause' so it sends less number of requests to the motion platform
  • Added option (in Global configuration) to disable automatic detection if new version of the software is available for download
  • Added support for Richard Burns Rally 1.02 SSE

2015.03.01: version 2.27:

  • Added checking if HS-201 firmware is obsolete

2015.02.17: version 2.25:

  • Added pitch and roll to rFactor and rFactor 2 plug-ins
  • Added support for GRID Autosport
  • Added support for Prepar3D v2 (SDK 2.4)
  • Added support for Digital Combat Simulator
  • Added support for rFactor 2 Build 880
  • Added support for Game Stock Car Extreme (2013)
  • Added support for Formula Truck 2013
  • Added support for GP Bikes Beta 6 and improved game folder detection
  • Added support for The Crew
  • Added support for Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steam Edition
  • Added support for IL-2 Cliffs of Dover
  • Added profile for F1 2014
  • Added Games integration view to display status of all games in one place
  • Added indicator that shows if dual platform mode is active
  • Added profiles Import/Export function
  • Clone script files when profile is cloned
  • Introduced multiple scripts per profile in order to handle different motion platform families (3DoF, 6DoF)
  • Fixed high CPU usage in FSX, Prepar3D and iRacing that occurs when the game is loading
  • Fixed joystick wizard so it uses high precision now
  • Fixed pause state detection in Assetto Corsa

2014.07.08: version 2.23:

  • Serial number is displayed in Logs and Details
  • WIN + SHIFT + ESC is an alternative hotkey for global pause
  • Redesigned Help and Support section so it displays more information about connected device
  • Fixed weird pause - running state transitions that occurs when the game is paused
  • Added firmware updates module which checks if there is new software available for your hardware

2014.05.12: version 2.21:

  • Added option to park the platform on pause in rFactor
  • Improved backward compatibility
  • Introduced high precision platform position control mechanism
  • Introduced automatic ramps
  • Added support for "slider" input (e.g. throttle in Logitech joystick) in DirectInput plug-in
  • Improved X-Plane plug-in
  • Removed obsolete fields from Flight Simulator plug-in - please remember to update your profiles!
  • Added support for iRacing
  • Improved game inactivity detection
  • Easier access to Diagnostic and Fix me
  • Switched all built-in profiles to high precision mode
  • Updated links to point to new MotionSystems website

2014.03.04: version 2.19:

  • Added support for new range of platforms
  • By default smooth ramps are used in platform diagnostic
  • Added joystick tab to Platform Diagnostic
  • Fixed X-Plane installation detection in case when saved installation folder is empty
  • Added profile for GRID 2
  • Added Language settings to Global configuration so one can overwrite system settings
  • Added confirmation prompt before exiting the application
  • Added crash reporter
  • Added support for rFactor 2, however there are ISSUES:
    1. During race one has to press pause and then unpause in order to have telemetry updates. This looks like a bug in the game.
  • Improved platform activation process, now it uses Action Center
  • Added quick tunes to profiles
  • Now the program uses My Documents\MotionSystems\ForceSeatPM directory instead of deprecated My Documents\ForceSeatGT\ForceSeatPM
  • Removed experimental Hit Effect feature from Flight Simulator plug-in
  • Better platform errors reporting in Action Center
  • Added support for Codemasters F1 2013
  • Added support for Assetto Corsa
  • Improved diagnostic graphs in Platform Diagnostic window
  • Improved script searching path, now it also checks ForceSeatPM directory in Documents

2013.10.22: version 2.17:

  • Fixed crash in X-Plane plug-in when script engine is used
  • Added detecting X-Plane 10 installation so the connector can be installed
  • Added support for new range of platforms

2013.05.11: version 2.15:

  • Make sure that Logitech script can work without ForceFeedback plug-in enabled
  • Added support for dual platform mode - now there can be one platform dedicated for motion effects and another only for special effects
  • Added automatic configuration of LFS game
  • Redesign Outsim plug-in for higher efficiency
  • Added big graphs - they are opened when normal graph is clicked
  • Improved X-Plane plug-in:
    1. Introduced x64 version of X-Plane connector
    2. Park platform on pause in X-Plane
  • Improved GP Bikes plug-in:
    1. Pause on crash in GP Bikes
    2. Switched GP Bikes connector to use shared memory instead of UDP sockets
    3. Added Park on pause option in profile configuration
    4. Added support for Beta 3 - the program will not work with Beta 2 or Beta 1 anymore
  • Improved ForceSeatGI and Open Motion Interface plug-ins:
    1. Added Global Position to Open Motion Interface
    2. Added calculation of missing fields in ForceSeatGI and Open Motion Interface plug-ins. When the game does not provide Yaw/Pitch/Roll Speed and Acceleration the program calculates it using Yaw/Pitch/Roll. Similar rule applies to Sway/Heave/Surge Speed and Acceleration. In this case Yaw/Pitch/Roll and Global Position are used to calculate them.
    3. Added Centrifugal Force calculation to ForceSeatGI and Open Motion Interface plug-ins
  • Added more options in Global configuration:
    1. It is possible to hide built-in profiles
    2. It is possible to disable Direct Input plug-in
    3. It is possible to disable Force Feedback plug-in

2013.02.26: version 2.13:

  • Added game detection - the program assigns games to profiles
  • Removed obsolete Profile list editor and added editing functions to hub view
  • Added support and profile for RaceRoom Racing Experience from Steam
  • Improved default profile for LFS
  • Added support for Game Stock Car 2012
  • Added icons to main window
  • New profile details view
  • Fixed scripts decompression errors

2013.02.21: version 2.12:

  • Fixed invalid condition in Platform Activation function
  • Added game images to Game Profiles view
  • Fixed crash in rFactor configuration dialog
  • Switched to new version of compiler and Qt libraries
  • Added support for multiple ForceFeedback devices - there is no limit to just one device
  • Added code that generates profiles for joysticks and steering wheels at runtime
  • Improved default profiles for Codemasters games, rFactor, Race 07 and Logitech G25/G27 steering wheels

2013.02.12: version 2.11:

  • Added ForceSeatGI plug-in
  • Added Average Of Last 5 to mapping in profile editor
  • Improved how Script Transformation Engine handles data from Effects Plug-in
  • Moved plug-ins configuration to profile section in order to simplify configuration process
  • Refactored ForceFeedback monitor and plug-in - from now shared memory is used instead of UDP sockets
  • Added initial version of Action Center
  • Message New version is installed is not displayed only in Action Center
  • Message New version is available for download is also displayed in Action Center
  • Added inactivity detection mechanism to ForceFeedback plug-in - please review plug-in configuration window
  • Exclamation mark appears on tray icon when there are pending issues in Action Center