If you wish to use motion platform in your product or you are a game developer who would like to add a support for motion platform to your game, then you are going to need the SDK.


ForceSeatMI (Motion Interface) is a programming interface that allows to add a motion platform support to basically any application or a game. The ForceSeatMI does not control hardware directly - it sends all data to ForceSeatPM. This approach delegates responsibility of transforming telemetry data to a real motion from the application to ForceSeatPM. It means that application developers do not have to worry about things like platform disconnections, transmission errors, thermal protection warnings or signal filtering.


Following languages and frameworks are supported out of the box: C, C++, C#, Unity 3D (C#) and Unreal Engine (C++).

Please refer to documentation for more details. If you have any questions, please contact us for further details.


ForceSeatDI (Direct Interface) is lower level interface than ForceSeatMI. It controls hardware directly and ForceSeatPM is not required at all. All error handling and status checking have to be performed by the application. This interface allows to control more than one motion platform from the same PC and allows to create complex but fully synchronized movements of multiple motion platforms.


Following languages are supported out of the box: C, C++, C#. The C# API is compatible with Unity 3D. It is also possible to use Unreal Engine.

ForceSeatDI should be used only in very specific applications. For all other application, ForceSeatMI is recommended. Please contact us for further details.


  ForceSeatMI ForceSeatDI
C#/Unity 3D
Unreal Engine
Multiple platforms from single PC over USB
(same data sent to all platforms)

(separated control of each platform)
Multiple platforms from single PC over Ethernet
Easy error handling
(by ForceSeatPM)

(by the application)
Diagnostic features
(by ForceSeatPM)

(by the application)
Requires ForceSeatPM
Telemetry mode & scripting engine
Motion profile selection by the user
Inverse kinematics for 3DoF and 6DoF
Fordward kinematics for 3DoF and 6DoF
Licensing per motion platform
(license stored on PC)
per motion platform
(license stored on uC)