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How to configure UDP proxy for Forza Motorsport 7 and Dash Panel

This document describes how to configure UDP proxy/forwarder embedded in ForceSeatPM to forward data from the game to 3rd party applications, in this case DashPanel from Steam.


When the game sends telemetry data using UDP, only one application can receive it on local computer. It means that by default you cannot have both platform manager and dashboard application running at the same time on the same UDP port for games like e.g. Forza Horizon 4 and Forza Motorsport 7.

One solution for this problem is when the game can send the telemetry data to more than one UDP port but this is supported only in a few Codemasters titles. For other games, it is recommended to send the telemetry data directly to ForceSeatPM and then use built-in UDP proxy/forwarder to send the same data to 3rd party applications.

It is always the best to first send the data from the game to motion platform manager to avoid lags in motion platform operation. Small lags in dashboard display is usually not even visible.

Platform manager and game configuration

Open ForceSeatPM main window, go to Action Center and check if there are no issue related to Forza Motorsport 7.

Next open Forza Motorsport 7 profile details and click UDP Proxy button.

Verify which UDP port is used for communication with the game (by default 4123) and then configure UDP forwarder to send data to on port e.g. 5000, API version 1 (car dash data).

Start the game, go to options and verify that Data Out is enabled and configured correctly.

Start the race and verify that the motion platform is operating correctly with the game.

Dash Panel configuration

Do not quit the game. Pause the race and switch the game to windowed mode (Alt+Tab).

Go to Steam application, make sure that you have Forza DLC for Dash Panel installed. Next start only Dash Panel Client, you don’t need Dash Panel Server running for this game, the server might even affect the platform manager operation.

In Dash Panel application, go to network configuration and select Console, FORZA_UDP and port 5000 (the same as configured in the UDP forwarder).

Open default dashboard and then switch back to the game and resume the race. Dashboard should start displaying data from the game now.

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