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This short tutorial explains how to increase motion smoothness by adjusting low pass filters in motion scripts for flight simulators. Aerofly FS2 is used as example in this document, but the same procedure can be also applied to other flight simulators like e.g. Prepar3D or X-Plane.

Procedure overview

Typical filter adjusting procedure is as follows:

  1. Clone the original game profile and associated scripts
  2. Activate the cloned profile
  3. Remove unnecessary scripts and load the correct script into text editor (Notepad++ is recommended)
  4. Start the game (window mode is recommended)
  5. Perform test flight
  6. Alt + Tab to text editor, change one filter at at time, Ctrl + S
  7. Alt + Tab to the game and continue test flight
  8. Repeat steps 5 to 7 until the effect is acceptable

Detailed instructions

First step is to clone the profile together with its scripts. Make sure to uncheck Shallow copy and check Activate new profile, Open editor for new profile and Clone scripts.


Remove all not needed scripts to avoid confusion. Click X until only one script left.


Then click Save, next click View and open the script in text editor (e.g. Notepad, Notepad++).


In order to make the motion smoother, increase the last parameter in MoSy_LowPass function call. Please be aware that greater number makes motion platform operation smother but at the same time it increases latency.


When you are ready to test new values, just Save the file (Ctrl+S). ForceSeatPM will automatically detect any changes in the file and reload it.